Hey Baby Boomers …

We’re all thinking about it, aren’t we, the inevitable end of our lives?

Seriously though, you know that you need to get your thoughts written down, right?

Last Wishes supports you to complete and manage your ‘before and after death’ preferences. During a Last Wishes workshop series you’ll have the time to learn about and discuss your critical end-of-life values, preferences and outcomes.

You’ll leave with your Last Wishes Plan.

And a great sense of relief.

Last Wishes Workshops

  • Small group sessions
  • Informative and interactive
  • Days and times to suit
  • Refreshments served
  • Follow-up support
  • Cost $275, 3 x 2 hour sessions

Workshop topics

Start a Conversation

It can be challenging to start an end-of-life conversation with your family. What’s most important and how do you share that? In a Last Wishes workshop you’ll learn by doing and leave with tips for discussing your

Advanced Care Planning

We all hope for a pain free and dignified death. Your plan will assist that to happen. Life-sustaining treatments or palliative care? Substitute decision maker or leave it to chance? Western Australian statutory documents provided.

After Death Decisions

Burial, cremation or something else? The Legalities of DIY funerals or making a coffin. And the paperwork! We’ll help you to tie up the loose ends of after death admin.

Jenny and Robyn covered all aspects very well.

Bev75 yo

Delivery was natural and friendly.

Helen74 yo

Enabled me to discuss preferences with my family.

Richard59 yo

I finished my plan!

Jenny62 yo